A nationally recognized resource for quality, behaviorally normal animals,complemented by professional veterinary faculty and staff, conducting original and collaborative boiometical research.

The Division of Comparative Medicine at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center is one of the nation’s most important programs for medical research.

Among its national distinctions:

• Over the last 16 years, the Division of Comparative Medicine has been awarded 16 prestigious grants from the National Institutes of Health, considered the gold standard for academic medical research. The Division has supported 33 outside institutions across the United States with the resources and expertise of the OU Baboon Research Resource.

• The OUHSC Institutional Animal Care and Use Program attained full accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC.ORG) in 1973, at a time when very few institutions held claim to this achievement. The AAALAC continues to be recognized worldwide as the leading accreditation body, and OUHSC is proud to have maintaned full accreditation each year for the past 38 years. 

• OU’s seven faculty veterinarians include some of the most highly qualified professionals in the field of comparative medicine and pathology in the United States. Their total years in laboratory animal medicine, veterinary pathology, and primate medicine are over 206 years. Four of the faculty veterinarians served a total of 94 years in the U.S. Army Veterinary Corps. This active duty and Reserve service has provided a wide scope of knowledge, including experience with exotic disease and veterinary care in Third World countries. 

• The Division’s veterinarians are assisted by a highly trained staff of 29 animal care technicians, 20 of whom have earned national technician certification, including eight certified at the highest level as Laboratory Animal Technologists.

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Comparative Medicine is a distinct discipline of experimental research of medicine which studies human and animal diseases in translational and biomedical research. Our goal is to discover the best medicine to help both humans and veterinary medicine. Comparative Medicine engages in original and collaborative research with academic institutions and industry-leaders worldwide.


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